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How to use the draft tool

Our draft tool is meant to help you keep track of your team's needs on draft day. But there's a lot going on, so let's break it down:

First, let's talk inputs. There will be four areas where you will enter data:

1. Total Players Field: Enter the TOTAL number of players in a league that will be rostered, minus IR spots. If, for example, there are 10 teams in a league, and each team has 12 players, the number you would enter here is 120.

2. Total Team Field: Enter the number of teams in a league. Using our example above, you would enter 10 (for the 10 teams in the league).

3. "My" Player drafted field: As you draft players, select the check mark in the drop down list to the left of the player's name (will turn green).

4. "Other Team" Player drafted field: As other teams draft players, select the check mark in the drop down list to the left of the player's name (will turn red).

As you enter data, outputs will automatically start to show up. Namely:

1. Your team Info: On the left side of the tool there are a number of outputs to pay attention to.The first line reflects your team's stats, first as totals and as averages. The second set of outputs populates rough category targets (based on league size) for your team as well as how you're doing in meeting those targets. The third set of outputs keeps track of which positions you've rostered thus far.

2. Other team info: On the right side of the tool, the middle two columns provides data on players other teams have drafted. This information mirrors that found in your own team info, showing totals and averages.

3. Players remaining info: On the right side of the tool, the top two columns provides data on players remaining. Again, this information is in totals and averages. The bottom the remaining players yet to be rostered, by position, are shown.

Lastly, the tool itself includes data from projections and our Rank of Rank guide, including our rank, projected stats, etc.

Good luck drafting!

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